AAUP (Another Awkwardly Untitled Post)

Are you justified in taking life to save life?
- 'Dream Theater, The Great Debate' from Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence album

Lost in a movie again. There I was, sat in front of my computer, staring blankly on the screen, amidst my obligation to finish up my toy called Monthly Report. In the attempt of building up my mood I watched Munich instead. I knew from the first that this movie will linger in my mind for some times, yet, I couldn't bear the temptation to borrow it from a friend when I saw it laid on his shelf two weeks ago. And yes, indeed it lingered.

Perhaps this is my 'Spielberg Week' since I've been watching his works for two days in a row. Both stories bore resemblance theme: for the life and a place called home. In the colorful, gloriously CGI-ed, and heroic Transformer I watched yesterday I knew how it felt like to fight for a piece of solid ground under one's feet in this strangely identified occurrence called the universe and vaguely concepted of life.

As Hemingway loves to present tragic heroes burdened with their own values against the mainstream in all of his writings, so does Munich. The difference is that the tragic burden lays on the shoulder of the Israelis and the Palestinians as the movie background that create heroes from both sides--but not the main character itself. Well, he is too tired to be consumed between his own humanity and the love for a country that subtly leaving him after his assignment is over, and that is the major plot as stamped by one of the production labels, Amblin, in bold: ENTERTAINMENT. It begins with Black September tragedy where Summer Olympic of Peace and Joy becomes a politically tailored bloodshed, where the meaning of being good athletes whose skill and ability are pushed to the outer limit has been injured by a terrifying scenario and witnessed by all people in the world through television. What is more tragic than a never ending vengeance for the sake of Qisash; or, you may say 'an eye for an eye'? What is more darkly-colored hilarious than to throw a battle over a land that had been promised by the Holy Scriptures?

It is funny how human reacts on its survival instinct of being an individual and a social creature at the same time. Where there is an ideal vision of a nation--comprises of agreed concept, or simply by people who borne accidentally, from one generation to another, on a certain land; there lay some conflict of interests of certain groups--usually economics one. Where a war in certain area(s)--for whatthefuckever reason--is happening; there is always a market for devilishly wicked instruments to massively demolish what-so-called enemies from both sides. The craziest thing is the demand for it is quite high, along with the money, power and dark conspiracy attached.

Yet, it is funny to notice how priority is different from one another. The importance of a soldier to kill those who believed to be the enemy in order to gain victory is different with the importance of a nerdy schoolboy to fuck on weekends, for example. It is shocking to realize on how other person is considered shallow, while one's own shallowness is only an agreeable narrow-mindedness settled by numbers of minds, unifying in a particularly humongous group dubbed a country.

If only everybody read Chomsky and understand the real presentation of 'information dissemination', I don't think we need any idealisms that encourage people killing other people for the sake of what they believe...

Turn to the light, don't be frightened for the shadow it creates
Turn to the light, turning away would be a terrible mistake
- Again, Dream Theater, The Great Debate from Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence album

ps: Sorry. No link. I'm slackin' (=


venus said…
*misuh-misuh nggoleki kamus*
Pinkina said…
mbuh... aku mualessss nek postingane full boso linggisan :(
human wannabe said…
Simbok V(agina? =P):
*Cekikikan kari nyengir iblis*

Mbak Pink:
Lha aku yo mualessssssssss posting full linggis kabeh. Kui botku sik iseng.
Montezuma said…
Transformers is directed by Michael Bay. Steven Spielberg is the producer.

Anyway, if you like Munich, you might as well like Schindler's List. Which I personally think is better than Munich.

Nice blog, btw..

human wannabe said…
The Monte:
Um... Errr... *touching up a bit*
Yes, I knew it actually. I didn't mean the director, either. As long as there IS 'Da Masta Spielberg' in the credit title, it's always been HIS movie automatically.
Been watching Schindler's List about 4-5 years ago for... let's say... 4-5 times? And there was always tears there. Full of agony. It's the only movie that kinda have the magic to draw the water from my eyes. Dem!
lischantik said…
pokoknya :) ajah *tulus*
Broe said…
Piet.. dah punya dvd "score" blom ? wuih... keren abis euy... ya atuh.. 20th Anniversary-nya DT tea ... aku dl yg behind scene-nya Systematic Chaos jg tuh.. keren lah.. di office gw gede bandwith sih.. (jgn sirik ya..)
human wannabe said…
Hi Lis! Mawu susu totat?
*angkat gelas ke monitor*

A' Masrur:
Dem! Dem! Dem!

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