English Club: Week 5

The Bitch Teacher says sorry for those who follow her entries of learning English in this good-for-nothing blog since she FORGOT to update the materials *d'oh!*. Deeply apologize, peeps!

Before her class starts tomorrow, on Sunday (yes, we change the day so the class would have more students--to be fucked! Haha!), The Bitch Teacher uploads this on Friday night while hanging out with her fucked up friends slash dirty-minded students on Bunderan HI.

After absence for so long, and with the renewed spirit (thanks to Letters to Editors that The Bitch Teacher and her friends sent to fight for their public space around Plaza Indonesia), BHI English Club is back on track. We have some new faces in the class, thus, The Bitch Teacher decided to give reading and listening subject instead of structure. Argh! Don't we hate structure!

Here is the next chapter of The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde.

The Canterville Ghost

Chapter III

The ghost did not appear for the rest of the week. The only strange thing that happened was the blood-stain, which they found on the library-floor every morning. It was also quite strange that the colour of the stain changed from time to time. Some mornings it was red, then brown or purple, or even green. These changes amused the family very much, and bets on the colour were made every evening. The only person who did not enter into the joke was Virginia. For some unexplained reason, she was rather annoyed at the sight of the blood-stain, and nearly cried the morning it was green.

The second appearance of the ghost was on Sunday night. Shortly after the family had gone to bed they heard a fearful crash in the hall. A suit of armour had fallen on the floor and in a chair sat the Canterville ghost and rubbed his knees, which seemed to hurt. When the twins started shooting peas at him with their pea-shooters, the ghost stood up with an angry growl and passed through them like a mist. He also blew out the candle, leaving them all in total darkness. On top of the stairs the ghost turned around and, in order to frighten the Otis boys, laughed his most horrible laugh. Just then, a door opened and Mrs. Otis came out of her bedroom. “I am afraid you are not well,” she said, “I have therefore brought you this bottle of medicine.” The ghost looked at her furiously, and then he disappeared.

When he reached his room, he was completely exhausted. This American family was extremely annoying. But what annoyed him most was, that he had not been able to wear the suit of armour. The weight of it had made him fall and hurt his knees.

For some days after this the ghost only left his room to renew the blood-stain. However, on Friday, the 17th of August, he tried to frighten the Otis family again. At half-past ten the family went to bed. For some time the ghost heard the twins laugh, but at a quarter past eleven all was still. So, at midnight he left his secret chamber and glided through the corridors, when suddenly, behind one corner, a horrible ghost stood right in front of him. As the Canterville ghost had never seen another ghost before, he was terribly frightened. He quickly hurried back to his room. But then he thought that he should go and and speak to the other ghost. After all, two ghosts were better than one, and his new friend might help him to frighten the twins. However, when he came back to the spot, he found that this 'other ghost' was not real, but only a white sheet which the twins had hung there to play a trick on him. Very upset the Canterville ghost went back to his chamber.

[Continued to Chapter 4 in the next meeting]

For listening, The Bitch Teacher had succeeded to awe her class with the footage from Erotica Exhibition, boasted as the celebration of decadence and delight that had been held annually in London since 1997. Well, to tell the truth, her class was confused thanks to the thick British accent from the hostess and they were amazed by the speed she is speaking. Sorry, class )=

Yet, to wrap it up, we had fun, indeed (=

Here are the questions on Listening:

1. When was Erotica exhibition firstly held?

2. As the hostess said, how many visitors coming to the exhibition every year?

3. Why could she ‘jump the queues’?

4. The hostess said that visitors could meet their favorite stars while shopping. What kind of stars are they? And what would these stars do to the visitors meeting them?

5. What do you think you could find in the Erotica Exhibition?

6. What does the hostess have to gain privileges of sit back and relax in exclusive areas?

7. Who is Richard Thomson?

8. Listening to Richard Thomson, what do you think about Erotica Exhibition for the past ten years?

9. What is the ‘main attraction’ to get people come and visit Erotica as said by Richard Thomson?

10. Why does Dita von Teese feel excited to be in the exhibition? What does she generally do when she is not in Erotica?

11. What are the reasons people should come to Erotica according to Dita?

12. What kind of seminars is there in the footage? And what does the hostess say about the seminars?

13. Why does Savanna Samson say that there is no reason to be nervous?

14. What is Savanna doing in the exhibition?

15. What happens at night?

16. What are the messages in the tagline of ‘Be Daring. Be Decadent. Have Fun!’?

17. Listen to the voice and the people in the footage. Where do you think they come from?

18. Could Erotica be held in Jakarta? Why?

19. What is your impression after seeing the footage?

20. As seen in the footage, what do you think Erotica would be in 2009?

Oh, you could also take a peek on the footage. Enjoy!

As usual, you should be grateful for not joining The Bitch Teacher's offline class. She hates being distracted by useless sounds like ringtones or cellphone reminder. Thus, she strongly OBLIGES her students to TURN OFF THEIR FUCKIN' PHONES during the class.

[damn... i think i need to get drunk. BIG TIME! haha!]


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