Based on my experience, the most dangerous person in the world is the one who gives you much compliments. Those words could lull you to sleep, lift your feet up from the solid ground, take you to the seventh heaven, make you feel like the best person in the world, you name it.

Especially when all you get is only swearing for almost all of your waking life.

Be very, very, careful with people who says nice things to you, four times in only two and a half hour.


Sowi, Bang Robin. No Offense (=


venus said…
ada benernya juga mungkin ya? tapi sebaiknya kita juga sedikit memberi ruang untuk pujian tulus dari temen2 kita.jangan parno :p

maap ya nyah, beberapa hari gak mampir, ga ada koneksi inet.
:: ahmadz :: said…
be careful is right, but as long as u know who they really are.. i think it's no problem to take their compliments :)

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