"Fuck!" Say I

Because nobody rules over my thoughts. Live with it.


Posted by The Bitch on 6/10/2007 04:16:00 AM

Let me taste my own blood from my torn lips or swallowing my own teeth when I smashed face first on the hard asphalt as I dropped from 13-storey building. Let me hear my skull cracking and collect the scattered pieces afterward. I need to feel the pain. I need to be alive. I need to feel the mixture of pain, pleasure, desire and hate at the same time to feel alive. I want to be ALIVE!

Why is it so damn hard to understand?!

*Kutipan dari salah satu kejadian fucked up di taman bermain sebelah. Seperti datang dari berabad-abad lalu. Nggak taunya baru dua bulan*