Kudos to Mum

It was morning, can't go home yet for I still have something to do. Clicking thousands of sites, I tripped over and fell here. I've read two or three of her posts. About kids, heartbreaks, problems, how to make ends meet, you name it. And all were interwoven (gosh! Another big word!) into one, big, long fabric. Small thing could turn out into major, though. How the birthmark on her kid's face could came up into something suspicious, for instance. It even made the school attendant thought her as an insufficient in dealing with kid's hygiene! Gosh!

I was amazed with my mouth gaping and my jaw dangling. She's a KEWL mum! Her kids should've been really proud of her! She's like having her clock ticking really slow. It's sixty minutes to make an hour for other people, for her it's 120 minutes, perhaps. With all the fuss of being a single , welfare mother, she managed to be in school, afterall!

Behold! Supermom is on the way! Be ashame and reflect, ye youngsters!

[I am included *grins*]


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