Laporan Cuaca

When you've had enough, it's enough. When you call it quit, then it's over. Be the master of your own fate, and never be mastered by it. Your life. Your choice.

Though sometimes it hurts, yet you have to get back on your feet and be brave when you are down and scared. Raise your chin, face the wind. The sand might get into your eyes, but there is tears to wash it away. The wind might tousle your hair, but it gives you a great movie-clip effect and makes you more heroic. Roar of thunder might be deafening, but it prevents you from hearing things you don't want to hear that makes you weak.

And the rain... It's therapeutic, you know. The needle points that repeatedly falling from the sky will make you numb. The tiredness on the shoulders that had been carrying such a heavy burden will be distracted somehow. The dirt on your face will be wiped with every single drop of it.

Have faith, that there is tranquility after the tempest. That all clouds have silver linings. There is rainbow after the rain. And what goes around, comes around.

So be it, baby. Keep your nose above the water and put on that sweetest smile. It makes people wonder what you've been up to.


kopet said…
tidur nying, tidur!!
aRdho said…
cooll.. :)
MaNongAn said…
Mohon di Translate ke Bahasa Tubuh atawa ke Bahasa Kalbu ... !!
sekian, terimakasih .....

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