Blame It on My Menstrual Cycle!

Do you know that...

I love to see, to touch and to feel the softness of the hair on the nape of your neck when we were cruising along the street on motorcycle?

Your pheromones is still lingering somewhere inside my mind and I can recall it easily anytime, anywhere?

I search for you in every soul I know--looking for a shared similarity--to get a good grip on you so I can't lose you anymore, and feel bad about it?

A pair of arms of yours are the safest sanctuary from any life tempest that I've involuntarily plunged into?

I love to feel your nose on my cheek everytime you stole kisses from me when you thought I was sleeping and wish you did it more often?

Rough cheeks that you have are the most smoochable and snugable ones I've ever known?

I get goosebumps everytime you're passing by and I silently waiting for your hands to stop on my head and caress my hair a little?

Your smile is the most energizing tonic, and by looking at it I feel like I could jump over Tugu Muda in one, good, huge leap? (And how I wish to see that smile daily...)

I am too godamn fucking proud to call you first and waiting for your not-so-often call every night instead, even if you only say "sweet dream and sleep tight"?

Your shoulders are the most comfortable place for my forehead to lean on when things don't go my way and I'm sick of them?

I've been waiting 24/7 with every once in a while glancing over my cheap cellphone for incoming message from "Bangsat Tersayang" and blow my head off in excitement though you only say "Hi"?

You've opened my ears and made me deeply in love with Dream Theater, Metallica, Yngwie, Vai, Satriani and Santana, and I'm looking forward to go to DT concert together with you, here in this fucking place so-called Endonesah, all of my life?

I've learned from you how to be patient and wait, even if it took me years?

I like to sit beside you when you're doing your things with computers and listen to your explanation about how things work inside the machine and can't understand a single word of it but continue to listen enthusiastically only to hear your voice?

Every night I take a glance to the sky and admiring the stars above because I know somehow, somewhere, you're doing the same?

I've learned how to love and be loved unconditionally and still enjoying my freedom in moving to the next level of life-stage?

Somehow, they're things that I don't have to tell you, because even if I'm not saying them out loud... you just know.

You are irreplacable. Never was. Never will.

[Yet, do you know that deep down inside I want to curse the day I met you because I still love you till now?]

ANJINGGGGGG......... kangen. *mengusap air liur yang tiada henti menetes*


lantip said…
hmm.. numpak motor, ngutak-atik komputer, suka lagu dangdut (metalika.. metalina.. sepuluhh.. nomer rumahkuuu..)
human wannabe said…
maz ronceh: anjrit! huahhuahuahuhua!!!
alex said…
ternyata gini toh kalo lu lagi m3nstruat3, pit??
jadi horny?? :O
human wannabe said…
lexy: babiq kaw!
alex said…

kan ini ceritanya lagi curhat lu sama gw??
apa perlu gw tempel skrinsut??

human wannabe said…
ah, kamu ini bangsat sekali deh...

pindah ceting disini ni kita?
Anonymous said…

Pit, tidur bareng yuk! Sprainya dah kuganti yang baru!
human wannabe said…
anonim: widih! sape neh?
NuRuL said…
posting-an lo Pi3t yg pwaling romantess .... hiks .. love is magic .. bisa bikin temen gw ini ter-anjrit - anjrit ..

NjRitt.... mE (slrrpp..)
pizzicato45 said…
nyasar ke blog lo, tp gak nyesel...this is seriously romantic! mpe nangis gw bacanya,lg kangen pacar gw nih...

anw, gutluck with ur love life!

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