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James Bond Made Mistake

Posted by The Bitch on 3/04/2006 01:35:00 PM

Guess what? Just saw a movie advertisement on TV, James Bond's one. 'OCTOPUSSY' it said. Haha!

Should it be 'OCTOPUSSIES' instead, if you insist on a gramatically correct title?

Well, either way, it made me laugh like a loony, coz my interpretation was 'eight hairy pussies-in-waiting'.

[Jeez... Me and my pervert mind...]


  at: 11:46 AM, posted by Anonymous lea said...

ngeeh aja kamu mbak!

  at: 4:58 AM, posted by Anonymous vnuz said...

persepsiku soal pussy kok lain ya..

  at: 2:01 AM, posted by Blogger human wannabe said...

mbak lea: nggak tau neh... lagi saru mode: on

mas bagas: ah... kamu memang anak bike-bike...
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