One Simple Pray

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep;
If I die before I wake,
I pray the Lord to avenge my enemies without mercy.


Rock on, God!


sinyo said…
katanya temenku...
bales dendam gak menyelesaikan apapun...
kataku... nggak tau...
aku terlalu malas buat bahkan cuma memikirkan [balas] dendam...
ceritaeka said…
Seems I've heard this prayer somewhere sometime...

Who's the angel in d pic anw?
forgot d name
The Bitch said…
aku lho gak dendam2am juga. wong udah ada Tuhan. beliau kan ga pernah sare. meskipun kadang sok ngantukan. hehe.

@Mbak Eka
It's modified from 18th century classic children's prayer that is still use up to now. well, at least a nun from Scotland said that to me when i was in university ((= i've found a lot of versions from this prayer in Wikipedia.

oh, the picture, it's Michael the Archangel who once succeeded in trampling Satan in one great battle between good and evil. his figure is 'worshiped' in many churches and cathedrals in Europe.

don't get me wrong. i aint that smart. i read Wikipedia a lot

hi there!

ceritaeka said…
If I die before I wake,
I pray the Lord to avenge my enemies without mercy.
I do remember now, that last sentence I heard it in Smallville TV series shouted by Lex Luthor :)

heeey... wiki fanz huh ? ;)
ceritaeka said…
please call me EKA
omit the "mbak"

yaiikz I sound very old :D hahhahahaha
The Bitch said…
noted, Kak Eka. teuteup. hihihi =P
now, do i sound like cewek2 SPG Giordano?!

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