So, one twisted mind asked me to unveil seven awesomeness in me. I didn't know why but one thing for sure I just couldn't say no.

Seven awesomeness, heh? Here they are:

1. Do you ever wonder why I've got Pito for a nickname yet I'm a girl? It started out one night, two by twenty four hour before a shower to celebrate seven-month-old pregnancy of my mother. And... Voila! There I was... Born. Less than 2 kgs and had to spend 10 days in a small incubator. Now I never question where I get this claustraphobic from.

2. My parents had quite high hope for me. From both Grandpas, Pitoresmi and Pujiningsih were suggested. Both are taken from Javanese. Pitoresmi means 'seven that hopefuly beautiful' while Pujiningsih means 'highest gratitude to the Lord'. Thus, combining those two, it could be said that the baby born is hoped to be beautiful against all the odds and she should be grateful for it.

3. Along the way, I am used to pain. I am not a crybaby. I did not even shed a tear when I had to be punished by broomstick for the wrongdoings that I did not committed. I did not even scream when I fell from the tree while I had to cover my unstoppable bleeding chin, afraid of being noticed by my mom and made her mad like hell.

4. I've got rawkin' parents. They are free-minded, easygoing, kewl, old persons that never say 'No' to everything I want to do. Did your parents ask you to try booze, marijuana, or drugs at home? Mine did when I was in junior high. The reason? So they'd be able to drag me to the hospital when shit happens. And even when the shittiest happens, like I'm dead overdosed, they know where to find my corpse.

5. I was raised with ABBA, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Joan Baez, and CCR. Since I was a baby, my mom always turn on the music to help me sleep and get me used to be undistracted by any noise. So it was not a big deal when in my first year of elementary, I was the one and only who sang Chiquitita in front of the class.

6. I tend to see everything from every angles imaginable. And unimaginable. Therefore, there is no wrong and right to all situations and occurences. They're just... happen. Period.

7. The image above was made by my partner in crime, Doni Kristian Dachi. I love to shorten his name into DKDC, abbreviation of "don't know, don't care". He was an old friend, more like a big brother to me. I met him in those good ol' days (and nights) when we were both in Jogja, in a small netcafe that I had to tend. With all the ups and downs, it's a miracle seeing him living and breathing up to now. And that's what made him awesome.

Nyoh, Nyong! I spit it out!


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