To The Fullest and Nothing More

How much do you feel grateful for the joyful life you've been blessed with? How do you use it, meaningless or meaningful? How big is your appreciation towards people around? Do you smile or looking down, rushing, watching the pavement with unusually great interest to where your steps at when you walk? Or do you walk with your chin up or with your eyes dancing here and there just to say hello with a sheer twitch of the liplines to every soul you've passed?

I've seen handicapped men and women walking, or rolling on their wheechair, limping with their crutches, or simply just living with the greatest spirit a human being could achieve. They decide to never give up on the ill-fated condition that people see as a burden: to become unfortunate ones. Anyway, from which point of view does this 'unfortunate' lay?

I've known her for two years. We had shared the house together, along with the other 19 girls. She had a voluptuous body with round-firm breasts, small waist and great pack of ass. Let alone her big, heavy-lidded dark eyes with dramatic lashes, full pouting lips and beautifully-arched eyebrow that had been made to be put in the exact position on an almost perfect face with the smoothest complexion a girl her age could possibly dreamed of. Hair? I never remember her having a single bad-hair day. But try to sit with her for about ten minutes without saying a word. She will start complaining about split ends, flipping upper arms, far-too-big thighs or pimple on her back. Meanwhile, the rest of us should have been complaining about the stomach that had gone way beyond the belt line, nasty body odor or early receding temples. But, no, thanx. A pity to nag around about such silly matters.

Being the only child in the family had spoiled her for not having any contender to share everything with. Too bad, this attitude had gone too far into the community she had lived in. Yet, we've tried our best to understand. When the heat is ascending and it took more than a one-way understanding, we just turned around and go, or talked behind her back, and more unpatriotic things done.

She moved. And so did the other 15. 4 left to guard the fortress, I am one of them. And she left without even bother to say goodbye. I didn't even saw her packed! People come, people go. So does this girl.

So does this boy. I've met him--unintended--when searching for nothing in the cyberworld. I've seen his work, sense his helplessness, feel his pain--in a humorous kind of writing. A genuine. Being modest and sincere, he laughs at himself, at his incapability that God had been granted upon (or, as people seen, as THE unfortunate). It's a sign of wisdom hidden behind his forever-smiling photographs. He is blind, but what he had done hasn't gave me a slightest clue about his inability. He's smart, allright. A genius, perhaps, in self-achievement and great attitude. Though not all at a time, what wonders me the most is that he has lots of girlfriends that take him for whatever he is! Gosh! His lovelife seemed way more interesting than my dateless-for-ages one!

Perhaps I don't know much of him. But I've tried to figure out how hard it was for his parents to raise a child in such difficult condition. What I kow is that he has a pair of Perfect Parents with capital 'P'. Just like mine. For his situation is quite the same with mine, only worse.

I really want these two persons to meet each other. For her, to see how lucky she is to be given those bounties with some great bonus from The Creator High Above. For him, to see how fortunate he is to have just enough and celebrate it with a never-ending praise and gratitude. But, hey... who am I to ask, anyway?


hericz said…
Life is good,

as good as the way we want to see it.

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