About Those Who Left... and Back Again

It was like coincidence that in the big event of Indonesian cyber dwellers, I and this nice, little man were invited. I longed to meet this person in the place so-called Necropolis since he hated it so much. When I called him the other night, he told me he'll come along with a long, lost friend of mine whom once happened to be my classmate back in the City of Holidays.

I never stop wondering how this parallel world could connect us to each other. I met him two years ago in this insane asylum--accidentally--and we've gone along so well up to now. I've known his friend that has been a loyal partner in my sleepless nights hanging around the city, while they even haven't met!

And about this guy named Thomas... Damn! After all these times, we finally chatted again. We were laughing--with our emoticons rolling on the floor--about Miss Elisa with her sleepy eyes, hardly moving lips and soft-almost-unheard voice in our writing class who woke him up right in front of the lecturers' office. We giggled upon the hard times looking for tuition postponement in PR II office, and the borrowed money to pay afterward. We analogized one of the characters in Tennessee William's Glass Menagerie--Laura, who has her own world--with our classmates who were paid cheaply (by the dozen) on their translating job. Also about Mr. Alip commenting on how careless he was with his study. Yet, we succeeded in Dancing Out from the campus! Haha!

Such things to memorize, indeed. And I'll meet him and his loved one next Saturday. Oboy, oboy, oboy! I can hardly wait!


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