Hahahahaha *POP!*

So... that's it? That was all you can do? When you can't even beat me up, you attacked me physically? Ah, correction. You attacked MY physical appearance because that's the least you can do, right? You wanna be cool like me, smart like me, but you can't do anything to enhance that small brain of yours, can you? Face it, lamer. You can't get all what you want in one package. That's the only fairness in this world of you and I, the one we live in. I can stand a brainless twat like you. Yet, if this is too much, you could go anywhere but earth, please.

No offense. But I think you need another lesson in manner, girlfriend. Wait. My mistake in labeling your forehead. As far as I'm concern, a friend doesn't aggressively and shamelessly open any opportunity that could cause stupid catfight amongst women. Luckily, I still have some kind of self dignity and keep my mouth shut. So... what should I call you, then? Not bitch. That name exclusively belongs to me, then.

D'ya read the title above, dumbass? That is for laughing my head off because of you. Oh, I don't have to point any finger--which I'm lack of--at anyone at all, thanks. This is not about you at all. Nah-ah. Who d'ya think you are, the center of everybody's universe?!

I know you can't pace up with me and the boys talking bcuz what we've talked are far too much for the itsy-bitsy brain of yours, so don't push yourself too hard. Thus, show up those flashy, boneless ass of yours instead, or powder that pretty face and put up some shiny clothes. We don't mind. We sure do need a little time to relax and being amused by somebody's stupid actions, afterall (=

Happy now?!


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