The Price I've Got to Pay

... for being somebody's secret mate on his journey to the next end:

Unrecognized, unknown, unadmitted and unlisted even in his website.
He has me only in his head. Feels like unexsist even to a man who says 'I need you', 'I feel like I have you', and 'don't go'.

Very well, then. This is a shout of protest to you about how you assassin my character. Or a sheer jealousy on how you put underage nobody in the list while I'm not. Haha!

Yet, I understand.

I DO really understand, since what we have is just what it is.

Sad but true. Kek lagu metalikah.


...and this post still bears the mark of...


Moes Jum said…
model puisi Enggress ... mulai mirip2 sama Mbakayune Venus yoo??

Apa dikabaripun?
e8ayz said…
so apa dan berapa yang terbayar, worthed ga ? pastinya worthed ya ?
human wannabe said…
moes jum:

yah, lumayan la. bisa buat tambahan modal.

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