Eh, Kamu... Makasih Ya!

Dear God,

Thank YOU for not making me perfect, because only with imperfection I could see the beauty in all things I've achieved so hard.

Thank YOU for not making me alone, because I don't know what I'd become without friends that I've passed in all stages of life.

Thank YOU for making me dark, because I could enjoy doing my things under the sun all day long without even worrying of skin cancer.

Thank YOU for creating Babab , Ibu and Icha, and have all the reason in the world to be thankful everyday for having them as my family.

Thank YOU for creating coffee that keeps me awake, alert and aware of who I am daily.

Thank YOU for creating milk that meets my basic need of nutrition when I feel like I don't have the strength to chew even a crumb.

Thank YOU for creating tobacco and cigarette-men, because with their work I could find a minute-friend anytime, anywhere.

Thank YOU for creating internet, because I could be anybody I've ever dreamed of--or even myself--shamelessly.

Thank YOU for creating chocolate, because I don't have to have sex to know how does it feel to have an orgasm. (Well, people said that having your sweet teeth deep into a bar of chocolate is like having a multiple orgasm, rite?)

Thank YOU for the ozone, planets, falling stars, ancient tribes, electricity, broken plateu, rain and rainbow, waterfalls, rivers, Bradd Pit, Asia Carera, lakes, Vivid Interactive, oceans, sky, terasi and sambel, Dream Theater, Converse, Bee Dees, Wacoal, Kariage Kun, Honeysoft Unicharm, roaches, fireflies, Harry Potter and JK Rowling, light, Ariel Peter Pan, Sakura Comics, oxygen etc., etc.

And other small but important things that passed before my very eyes but too little to notice.
I couldn't ask for more.

Wish there are many grateful people instead of hateful ones...


merahitam said…
Pit...Ternyata tak cukup tempat untuk menuliskan semua pemberian-NYA. Dan anehnya, kita seringkali melupakan-NYA.

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