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The Price I've Got to Pay

Posted by The Bitch on 3/26/2007 12:12:00 AM

... for being somebody's secret mate on his journey to the next end:

Unrecognized, unknown, unadmitted and unlisted even in his website.
He has me only in his head. Feels like unexsist even to a man who says 'I need you', 'I feel like I have you', and 'don't go'.

Very well, then. This is a shout of protest to you about how you assassin my character. Or a sheer jealousy on how you put underage nobody in the list while I'm not. Haha!

Yet, I understand.

I DO really understand, since what we have is just what it is.

Sad but true. Kek lagu metalikah.


...and this post still bears the mark of...



  at: 1:18 AM, posted by Anonymous Moes Jum said...

model puisi Enggress ... mulai mirip2 sama Mbakayune Venus yoo??

Apa dikabaripun?

  at: 5:18 PM, posted by Anonymous e8ayz said...

so apa dan berapa yang terbayar, worthed ga ? pastinya worthed ya ?

  at: 5:51 PM, posted by Blogger human wannabe said...

moes jum:

yah, lumayan la. bisa buat tambahan modal.
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