Redefining Life

“You name any relationships imaginable (and unimaginable), state your attachments, simplify everything, and you get yourself a baggage—be it small, big, or gargantuan. It’s only a matter of how to press the baggage into an itsy-bitsy, tiny-winy little package that will put a smile on your face, every step of the way. The smaller the package, the wider the smile. Thus, make one hell of a good show, Pit. Let God watch you in silence while the Angels stroking His dick fiercely.”

— an email that I read at two o’clock in the morning that successfully made me laugh to my heart’s content and waking mbak-mbak next door to have their very early sahur.

Thanks, dear friend. You are proved and tested to be a guru long before I knew you personally. You have my highest gratitude…

Errr... performing before God and seeing the Angels do the handjob?! Ergh! Think of something greater, Baldy-Perv! I know you could do better than wanking your weenie when the earthquake hit you.

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