English Club: Week 7

As usual, it was Saturday night and The Bitch Teacher was trying to get serious to her fucked up class. There were still the same formation like last week, minus Tika because she had to go to Jogja. But they had a guess star: Mas Hedi. Yet, there were a lot of free riders in the class, so it was quite crowded as hell.

To show her seriousness, The Bitch Teacher had made some effort to sum up her screwed brain and squeeze one thing or two from it. And here they are:

PRONOUN: Which person is it?
The term PERSON in English means who a sentence is about or who is doing something in a sentence. Most of the time, we know this by which pronoun is used or could be used. FIRST PERSON is always yourself (the speaker); SECOND PERSON is the one or ones you are speaking to; THIRD PERSON is whom we are speaking about. " I (first person) asked you (second person) to invite him (third person) to the party."


PRONOUN is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence when the noun has already been used earlier, when the speakers know who is being spoken about, or when people are speaking directly to each other. The following sentences will use Subject Pronouns, which are used as the subjects of sentences.

  • My name is Mrs. Smith. I am your new whore (Mrs. Smith = I).
  • Stand up, John. Will you please fuck her hard (John = you).
  • Mr. Smith is the new pimp. He pimps you and me (Mr. Smith = He).
  • Mrs. Roberts teaches Social Studies. She fucks for social reason (Mrs. Roberts = she).
  • Frank swings his dick. He swings it left and right (dick = it, Frank = he).
  • My boyfriend and I fucked all day. How we did not get tired (My boyfriend and I = we).
  • OK, Slaves. Bent down, butt high. Did you do your assignments? (Slaves = you)
  • Ten girls wore new see-through lingerie. They looked very sexy (girls = they).

The next group of sentences will demonstrate Object Pronouns which act as direct objects (receive the action), indirect objects (receive something), or as objects of a preposition ( TO, OF, FROM, BY, WITH, AFTER, etc.).

  • A dominatrix says to her slave, "Come to Mommy." Then she says, "Give me a hard fuck." (Mommy = me)
  • "Mary, here is the test result. It says you are positively pregnant." (Mary = you)
  • Martha sent Uncle Jim a love letter. Martha sent him her pubic hair, also (Uncle Jim = him).
  • Uncle Jim sent Martha a letter, too. Uncle Jim returned the pubic hair to her (Martha = her)
  • Pete screwed her hole. Pete filled it with his cum (hole = it)
  • There were free tickets for Larry, Moe and I. The coach sent the tickets to us. Larry, Moe and I = us
  • The boss said, "I need extra help from you this weekend to gangbang my mother, Mike and Joe." "I will pay you overtime for it." (Mike and Joe = you)
  • The pimp gave new uniforms to the whores. He gave new aprons to them, also (whores = them).

There are special forms of these pronouns to show ownership. They are called Possessive Pronouns. The form used with a noun is sometimes called a Possessive Adjective because it modifies, or gives information about, the noun: my, your, our, his, her, their.


  • That green dildo belongs to me. The dildo is mine. It is my green dildo.
  • Does that green dildo belong to you? Is that dildo yours? Is it your green dildo?
  • That crotchless brief belongs to him. Is that crotchless brief his? Is it his crotchless brief?
  • That old spiked condom belongs to Mrs. Potter. Is that old spiked condom hers? Is it her old spiked condom?
  • Those syphilis bacteria belong to the neighbor's cunt. Those bacteria are its. They are its bacteria.
  • The porn video belongs to Pamela and I. The porn video is ours. It is our porn video.
  • Do these MILF DVDs belong to all of the class? Are those MILF DVDs yours? Are they your MILF DVDs?
  • Does that fluffy bustier belong to the Boy Scouts? Is that fluffy bustier theirs? Is that their fluffy bustier?

• Possessive Pronouns come in two different forms: one form must be used with the noun it possesses - MY, YOUR, HIS, HER, ITS, OUR, THEIR. The other form takes the place of the noun and can stand on its own: MINE, YOURS, HIS, HERS, ITS, OURS, THEIRS. Two of these are the same in both cases - HIS and ITS.

That's all from last week. Hey, don't blame me if you despise the examples. I told you that The Bitch Teacher's brain is screwed, right?


Bagas said…

Baca example
The Bitch said…
lho? ini Maz Bagas aka Om Nunus? hihi...
oksigenhitam said…
rasanya belajar english semakin membingungkan saja
Pitra said…
Ibu Pito memang guru english yang baik :)) ketawa baca examplenya
Thomas Arie said…
Coba dulu jaman kuliah ngajarnya kayak gini, mesti niat aku... wakkakakakaka...

Woh, langsung S3 toh dirimu?
fahmi! said…
The Bitch said…
@Bos Iip
use your imagination...


kita ga bakal sering2 ngantri di BAAK ya, Tom! huahahahaha!

aw, syat ap!

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