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About A Girl, About A Boy

Posted by The Bitch on 3/04/2007 03:37:00 AM

A girl gives sex to gain love,
While a boy gives love to have sex.

Stupid girl? Not really. Desperate, to be exact.

I wonder what would it be when people are created sexless. Just a plain flesh down there right at the groin, without ever feeling the burning, tingling desire that needs to be unleashed. I guess there'll be no taking over of a country by means of war initiated by the greedy concubine whose crotch was sore by the grinding and humping of the king.

But neither of us is in the reign. So, why bother?

*and the post has almost nothing to do with the title. i was just screwed. in the head*



  at: 1:54 AM, posted by Anonymous oom jin said...

fornikasi di bawah titah raja?


  at: 11:00 AM, posted by Blogger mBu said...

screwed? like always? please don't.. [-(

  at: 1:22 AM, posted by Blogger human wannabe said...

om jin:
haha! inget ajeh...
*ganti nama*

screwed up is my middle name =)
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