To One Tired Angel...

Somehow, being great is not enough. You have to be perfect. You have to be what everybody wants you to be. You have to have countless of masks so you won't be disappointing anybody and wear it with exact timing though you only have split second to change into another mask once you meet another people. And it sucks.

Somehow, the temptation is too bitch to be ignored you surrender. Not because you want to but because you simply need to silence the seductress so you could carry on with the life you have. And you're breaking down in the process because the hope raised and the expectation came unexpected. In the end of the day, you know you've taken the wrong turn and you made it into one hell of a lesson learned.

Somehow, it's very exhausting to mend all the things by yourself. I know. You said that million times. And it's all begin with what people called choice, option, consequence. We had this kind of talk before. A long one that I never forget.

But one thing I know since the very beginning: you never ceased to be an angel, no matter what. In your worst, you're still there when I was in my lowest. You taught me to smile at the problems, to embrace invisibly, to think beyond any boundaries, to endure the pain, how impossible it seemed. That's how I know you're still human.

Yet, it's so painful to see you face the battle alone. The long, winding struggle that you'd talked about long after it's gone and you slip into conversations casually, unintentionally.

For an unfinished creature that God implanted knowledge, you're one perfect specimen that human could choose the purpose of creation. I bow deeply before you for this.

Thanks for the blue list. You're in my topmost, too (=

picture taken from here. nice, eh?


Darkened Skye said…
*pat* *pat* *pat*

didut said…
wes tak baca bolak balik ....hmmm....

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