Well, now I'd like to babble about people called lunatics, loony, nuts, insane, mentally disorder, crazy, screwed-in-the-head, or whatevathefuckingnameis. Starts from...

Him who had made an encounter with a piper who called himself Borneo from Kalimantan (got the pun? Go praise your stupidity if you don't. Haha!), scribed on a leftover name card that once belonged to someone. Who that someone is would be nothing of any importance in whatsoever. What I'm about to emphasize is how he wrote about this so called Borneo with respect, without any disgraceful tone in his most gentle manner and lifting this loony up by calling him a man with free soul though another person stated his/her gratitude for being way better than this poor Borneo and it sucked, big time. (I knew him well to call him gentle, so stop rolling your eyes or I'll stuck my fingers into your sockets and poke them out. Capiche?)

And then, him who is so depressed he needs professional help and proud of it (or doesn't give a damn, I never know). A megalomaniac who lost his audiences and shares his knowledge to the silent world of his mind because he could not communicate his enlightenments in any language, written and/or spoken, since people could not understand him. He looks up to Hitler and Pharaoh as his raw model on how insanity could rule the world. He, who takes Nietzsche as a spiritual man, and says existentialism is nothing but a good read when you have to burst your shit out in the john.

Him, who once went to Bogor Botanical Garden barefooted, on a crowded train, without giving a single fuck to people around. A person whose glare is a psycho but has the heart of Theressa (that he showed very, very, rarely), and, with his time, a borderless savanna for anybody to sit and take a rest as long as they please. He, who people take for granted because of his look, his shabby clothes and his habit of not touching the water for days. Does he give a slightest shit about it? Hell no!

I didn't mean to make this mental disorder shit as a gender issue, that it only inflicts to male as 'disease'. You should forgive my lack of female acquaintances, then. I know, somewhere out there, people blessed with vaginas who have the same mania as these penises species do exist. Too bad I didn't know any. Or, should I call myself to the spotlight? Oh, well.

Yes, people sometimes mistaken me for a loony since I zoned out more often than not among my hang out mates, or jabbering on meaningless subjects though no one hears me. Yes, I wore boots to go with feminine dress and showed up in a wedding ceremony located in a forsaken corner of Purworejo. Yes, I have this nailbiting habit that hurt and bleed from my teeth attack. And yes, I rock myself to and fro when I'm sitting crosslegged alone and nervous in my square world. Even my female best friend stated that anyone who take my haircut as an example in a beauty parlor should questioned his or her sanity. And my major fantasy is becoming a lesbian, panting, groping, and licking the restless and naked and squirming and moaning and horny as hell Monica Belluci who lies under me.

Fuckin' fine, then. For me and all the person I mentioned above, we don't live to make anybody feel better for their socalled 'normal' life. We're not the unfortunates who have to be granted mercy from others. It's the others that we should take pity on since they could not live the life to the fullest and be happy with it as we are. And I'm pretty damn sure Joker has more fun than Bruce Wayne or Batman since he's always asking 'Why so serious?' though everyone calls him nuts. It's obvious that Joker is way beyond cool than neither the pathetic Batman and/or Bruce, because it's clearly his story that been told in Dark Knight while The Bat is just flashing his artificial cape, riding sophisticated Batmobile that made for come-what-may against the barehanded Joker (The Manson, ex Mr. Dita Von Teese). Batman could only pout in a way a rich, bastard, brat should pout while Joker smiles, for fuck's sake!!

Still, should you be grateful for what Satan or God has been blessed you with, say thanks in your most proper way and don't try to compare your bountiful privileges with us. We've been cursed with fun and gladly dwell in it. We're just not like you and don't want to be like you. Period.

Besides, insanity and genius be differentiated in only sejembut dibagi seribu. Come forward you, people who call me insane. How many hours do you need to make this kind of post, in English, while it took me only 30 minutes? Therefore, sit back, relax, carry on with your splendid, customary lives and shut the fuck up. Will ya?


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