What A Grown-Up Thinks

Me : Hey. Got a sec? I need a grown-up's opinion
Him : S'up?
Me : Jez wanna know... Is it possible for a woman 2 luv more than a man?
Him : Not only a woman, beib. Even for a man, there's always possibility 2 luv more than 1 woman, or even anotha man
Me : :D
Him : It's commitment dat counts. If u're committed to one person, I think it'll be no problemo 2 luv thousands of wo/men as long as u stick 2 the one whom u committed to
Him : So... who are those cursed bastards u in luv w/? :))
Me : None :D I'm jez curious
Him : U've gotta be kiddin'! There's no way u're asking me this unless u've got sumthin' in dat lil empty brain of urs
Me : Haha! Yeah rite. As always, I've got a crush w/ diz wrong, unlucky bastard. Gotta channel my feelin' out or I've got all used up. I need anotha object of my affection
Him : Do I know dat punk?
Me : P'haps. Won't tell :P N HE'S NOT PUNK! He's nice
Him : Damn.
Him : D'ya luv him?
Me : Dunno. In a way, I guess. I'm trough w/ luv, afterall. What's left is only affection or compassion, if I could say so. Whateva. There's no burning, consuming fire. Not even a flame. It's merely comforting warmth. Fuck
Him : I'll drink 2 dat, sista! What the fuck is luv, anyway? People say dat when u look deep into one's eyes, u'll find what luv is. But when I stare at her eyes, I only got a hard-on :))
Me : =)) U n ur lil dick! U could even fuck a goat's brain out!
Him : Watch out, Lady! The thing between my legs is a MONSTER!
Him : True. I mean, it's surely not the 'noble' luv. When I've got a hard-on lookin' at her eyes, I can't tell if it's merely lust, physically attracted, needed release, or whutevadatnameis. P'haps u should think dat lil prick over. P'haps he jez happened 2 be there when u need sum1
Me : I did. Dat's why I toldcha I only have affection. I just realized dat when my friend said I've been acted differently and he asked me whether I'm in luv or sumthing. It's impossible to answer w/ 'sumthing' cuz he knew me 2 damn well. He noticed me got short fused or sum kind. It's the feeling of longing, I guess. Dat's what makes me different
Him : Did u both fuck?
Me : NO FUCKIN' WAY! It's not physical, really. He's in no way sexy. Not even in the same zip code as sexy. We're not even touching each otha, literally! How do we fuck, then?!
Him : I dunno. Maybe u fuck 'm in ur mind
Me : Hey! We're dealing w/ emotion here, not physical. U dig?
Him : =)) Deep, baby. I dig u deep =))
Him : So... wanna tell him ur feeling?
Me : Nah. I knew him damn well. There'll be only 2 options if he knows: he would stay as a friend, or go away. N I dun wanna take the risk now, losing 'm
Him : Good. U bothered w/ dat?
Me : Nope. I jez can't stand to see him walk away. Take anyone but him, I dun mind. He's like... me in a male form. Tapi lebih keren sedikit :D
Him : Halah!
Me : U know now why I won't tell, eh?
Him : :)
Him : U'r sec's up from the 3rd line ago. Now I've gotta munch. I'm starving
Me : Shoo! Scram, then!
Me : Hey, u
Him : What now?
Me : Thx, Bro *hugs*
Him : No sweat. It's only a child's play >:)
Me : *tonjok*


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