That's What We Are

Yang berjalan di jalan kebenaran selalu melangkah sendirian.
-Pramoedya Ananta Toer, a great Indonesian writer
(6 Februari 1925
– 30 April 2006)

Guess what? I had just finished watching 5 episodes of Heroes tonight. Kinda making up, though, for the lost hours spent on other things instead of amusing myself and get some self-satisfaction from it. Yes, you're right. The last is what I call brain masturbation.

I was amazed about this serial. I watched it on TV some other day when I had to work overtime and feeling tired of reporting shits that I entitled to. I lost the previous stories and didn't have a single idea what was it all about. Yet, it's like... fantastic.

Basically, it's just like any other movies about some 'freaks'--or you may say mutants--who have extraordinary power way beyond their common kinsman. In fact, those kind of movies were never my favorite. When it happens in real life, it must have been very pathetic to run around the town, saving people's sorry ass with your superhuman power and stood your dates up all night long because of it--which resulting in ruined love relationship, causing you lack of social live since you have to keep your secret identity by yourselves, and exhausted in the morning in doing so, distracting your concentration so you can't get your work done and make your supervisors eliminate you from their payrolls thanks to this. And no credit whatsoever for doing the virtues. Yet, what I've been through for these past three years had proved me wrong. Though I aint got any of such capability except ruining my own relationships, experiencing almost zero social life, and having my lady boss get rid of my butt from her office some of these days.

But my friends do, despite the fact that they're not in the same zip code with superhuman power. They don't have the strength of a pack of angry gorillas or levitation or clairvoyance or even regenerate their body tissues. But I have one who is capable of giving me all of his 25 hours per day for any kinds of mental situations I'm in. I live in the same roof with an angel in weekdays who teaches me to face my demons within. I encountered a great soul who dedicated most of his time to make people understand that their lives worth living. I ran into a light in the form of a humble guy who insisted himself to make attempts of creating the world a better place. I know this man whose determination is as dependable as the sun that never fail to rise who lifted me to a higher 'place'. I've met an ordinary girl who turns no ordinary at all when she's giving her everything, gladly, regretlessly, for the sake of an orderly living of a family and all of her surroundings. I keep in touch with a distinguished mind behind thick spectacles whose words are sharpest knife and heart is softest silk. He embraces me into his life, this guy whose patience is as infinite as the cosmos itself. And those two girls in kerudung? They are tirelessly showing me the path that I often neglect.

They are all my heroes. They've touched my whole aspects of living and I could never be the same again. They bleed, grieve, laugh, angered and feel, as I do. But what they're made of are way more wonderful than I could ever imagine. And I believe that we have those kinds of people living and breathing around us if we could only widened our eyes to the long-lost perspective. Because that's what we are for each other.
Hey... That Greatest Something Somewhere didn't create you for nothing, did He?

Dedicated to Phoenix Brother #1 & #2, The Yogi, those two 844 Graduates, My Plenyun, Maz Her, The Zen, Jojon and Mpok, and many, many more. You know who you are (=


oom jin said…
wassup, nduk.
masalah pekerjaan lagi ya.
human wannabe said…
ndak kok. sante aje

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