Re: defined

Define Marriage: the ever-improving art of bullshitting the girls to walk into a deathtrap to ease the boys when they're hungry or horny in the middle of the night.

Define wedding: the event where you can smell the flowers of your own funeral.

Define wedding ring: the smallest handcuffs in the world to tie down and box up the whole aspects of your life.

Define wedding vow: the sweetest words of the serpent's tongue in your Garden of Eden that will make you lose your innocence. And I haven't gone to the bed time part.

Define husband: The One Who Holds Your World, Your Life, Your Decision; The Almighty, The Ruler, The Breadwinner, The Righteous, The One Who Must Be Obeyed, The Smartest, The Highest. Okay, are we done?

Define in-laws: the additional problems you desperately need. Like a bullethole to your head and a bicycle to a fish.

Define household: 21st century slaughterhouse for your dream and the most sophisticated, legalized and institutionalized sweatshop even if your master knows the basic human rights by heart.

Define children: the byproduct of a marriage that people always nag when you don't have one. Yet. And keep asking for more when you already have one.

Define responsibility: the burden on your shoulder that you have to bear more since you're doing nothing at home but becoming a cleaning lady, a cook, and a slut 24/7.

Any two-legged male mammals (or primate? Never quite sure about this) want to prove that my redefinitions are wrong?


jensen yermi said…
Macam dah sepuluh tahun nikah aja, Pit.. =))
The Bitch said…
pemerhati yang baik kok gw =P
golda said…
OMG so true!
The Bitch said…
tapi kan mertua lu jagoan bikin aygor! =P
frozenmenye2 said…
rumah tangga mana lagi yang keintip sama lo ??
The Bitch said…
haha! ndak, kakak Nyunyuuu. ini ngomong in general kok =P

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