Love, defined

Love is to listen: understand, beyond any comprehension, to know the correct way to respond, with all your heart.

Love is to share: to give a shoulder to sorrow, anger, and the feeling of abandoned; yet most important is to intercept the joy and laughter when your going gets tough.

Love is to learn: to get to know the new, exciting knowledge that unveiled its mystery, unknown prior to its revelation.

Love is to let go: freeing your object of affection be what he wants to be, to go through the distance, without question, with arms wide open when he comes back.

And love is to keep it silenced deep within, to wait patiently, until the time comes and you want to shout it out loud but could only pronounce a sheer whisper that could be heard even by the whole universe.

Your time will come...

[dedicated to a lioness]


macangadungan said…
di post di blog XDDD
awwww, co cwiiiittt.... *ngeremes pipinya pito*

makasi ya pitosky :)
elia|bintang said…
lo emang jago bahasa inggris, pit.. *ga nyambung* :p
Pinkina said…
baru kali iki aku mudeng postinganmu sing boso linggisan hahahaha.........prikitiwwwww..........cuiiitt cuitttt
P. Budiningtyas said…
Lagi jatuh cinta kah?
The Bitch said…
Mbak nDaru
ndak, itu buat lea kok :D
stey said…
your time will come..
*nggaruk2 aspal*
Darkened Skye said…
Jadi pengen nyanyi

your voice is my fave sound
your name is my fave noun
wherever you're at is my fave town
The Bitch said…
Mbak Stey
the best comes for those who wait. jadi, ya... tunggu aja!
*nyengir iblis*

oksigenhitam said…
seperti itukah ?
Galeshka said…
love is to be experienced, for there's not enough word in this world to describe it correctly ...
The Bitch said…
Papa Vajra
yambuh. menurut sampean pripun? :D

Om Galeshka
i wrote what i felt and felt what i wrote based on what my otak setengah sendok perceived. quite explaining?
venomious said…
love is giving someone the power to break yourheart but trust them not to...
masuk ndak?
The Bitch said…
Hey!!! elu oscar hariman alias pepen kan? kata upla lu kangen gwa yes? huahahahaha! ga nyangka gwa dikomengin ama elu. di entri lama pulak!
about giving the chance for someone to break your heart... well, bisa jadi. tapi hati siapa yg bisa dipatahin kalo bahkan hati kita sendiri udah kita kasih ke dia?
ihir! mantapnya awak!
*muntah gelas*
yangketiga said…
ehm... tidak disangka... kopipaste ah mbaknya... ^_^

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