A Little Story of Us

It was the look in a pair of eyes, so pure and trusting you’d fall in love in an instant. It was love at the first sight, in one fine Saturday afternoon, the day that forever will emblazon in my soul. The first time I saw him, six months ago.

He jumped right into my arm when he saw me entering the gate for the first time. He forgot his stand. One second passed and he awkwardly realized that I was a stranger. And I had to go through an introduction once again, kneeling before him and giving him my right hand so he could remember my scent.

I moved to more spacious rented room with vast frontyard for him. And it was against all odds to get an affordable one in South Jakarta with my little salary. He made me consider the future and never again I think about dying young. I’ve got him: my miracle.

Now he stands before me as my guardian angel and walk beside me as a true friend. He knows how I feel without me telling him anything. I never thought I could learn how to love unconditionally from a Rottweiler and Chow-chow halfbreed.

Saya ikut kontes-kontesan nulis untuk mendapatkan tiket nonton eksklusif. Sayangnya nggak menang. Jadi, saya batal nonton. Well, bukan rejeki saya kayaknya. Tapi saya menulis 200 kata itu betul-betul dari hati!

Photo courtesy of Wawa's Daddy.


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