English Club: Week 6

Yes, BHI English Club is back! The Bitch Teacher is rolling again. After losing the classroom in Boncang Headquarter because the Treasury Minister had moved to Tebet Effektif apartment, thanks to Paman Tyo, we succeeded to learn in one, cramped, icy room in Dagdigdug office behind the hypest angkringan in town.

It was Saturday night and Mbak Wiwiek, Tika, The Treasury Minister and The Lady, and-hey!-Tante Ai were joining the fucked-up class. The subject was about basic survival phrase.

There is the level of urgency in the words want to, need to, and have to, and the last becomes most urgent.

Put it this way:
When a man sees a sexy lady in front of him for five minutes, he wants to fuck her. When she starts to dance seductively, he needs to fuck her. When she begins to undress, there... he has to fuck her.

When The Bitch Teacher asked her students to put those expressions into stories, there were a lot of 'cubung' (curhat terselubung) poured down. Mbak Wiek was seeing a hot man that she wanted to kiss, had the urge that need to be fulfilled, and when she couldn't stand it, she just had to kiss him when he unbuttoned his shirt. Tante Ai told us about Kika who wanted to drink milk yet there was none in the fridge. When she needed to buy it the grocery, she had to pay it in the cashier. Meanwhile, Maz Ipul the Minister wanted to buy a house he saw in Tebet, so he needed to have one hell of money stacks--two meters high for each, perhaps--if he had to raise his little family there. One suggestion for Mbak Wiek: Go get yourself a husband ASAP!

Then, there are need, want, and have without 'to'. They have nothing to do with level of urgency.

Again, The Bitch Teacher asked her students to make these words in sentences and made a story from them. And, again, there were cubung here and there. But the most interesting one was from Mitha, the Lady of The Minister. She said that she had so many lingeries in her wardrobe since she was married. She needed them because she wanted her husband seeing her in the sexy outfit and go slowly horny. (The story was retyped word by word because of the punchline: slowly horny.)

Well, that was all for tonight. The Bitch Teacher could not ask for more for her class. It was one hell of a HILARIOUS bunch of students! But still, she only ordered them to turn off the fuckin' cellphone and follow the rule: her.

Nitey nite! Have a rawkin' weekend! (=


bahtiar said…
yeah ... miss wiwik
u got crazy class .. :)
ceritaeka said…
ajarin dunk bahasa Linggis :D
biar pinter kayak londo2 itu :D
The Bitch said…
@Maz Bek
and too bad you couldn't join in yesterday. hehe.

@Eda Eka
heh? elu? minta diajarin? GA KEBALIK?!
Mimin said…
Yeah...Miss Pitto is a good teacher :P
* Jadi inget PECC
Antyo Rentjoko said…
what a kinky class with so many f-words! :D
-tikabanget- said…

may i bungkus you, to go to dublin?
The Bitch said…
@Paman Tyo
Hwa!!! Ada Paman! Hihi.
Come to our class, Man. You'd be surprised how 'normal' it is. Under my term, of course.

You sure you won't be kangelan ngempani I, Tik? I use layar KRI Dewa Ruci as my underwear, lho. Hihi.

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