English Club: Week 1

As my account suspended and I've got no one to blame upon, here is the repost of what the BHI English Club had learned so far. I don't do this for my students' sake. I do this for me, for the joy of keeping the record of what I've got in store to poison people's mind. But everyone's invited! (=

Below is the summary of what we have learned in our first class, 14 February 2009.

1. Simple Present Tense
Subject + Verb
- He goes to the English Club.

Subject + do/does + not + Verb
- I do not go to the English Club.

Do/does + subject + Verb + ?
- Does she go to the English Club?

Verb Function:
* Stating the action that happens in the present (d’oh)
- I bully everybody with this summarized material.

* Stating the fact
- The sun rises every morning just like my urge to smack everyone in the face.

* Stating what one capable of
- Suprie drives motorcycle just like Yudi swims. One of these days.

* Stating one’s activities
- I go to School for Bitches and Bastards and that is why I am capable of teaching in BHI (means study).

* Stating characteristic
- Her pubic hair is red.

Q: Why -s in every verb for 3rd Singular Pronoun (he/she/it/name) while the others don’t?
A: To remind us, the non-natives, to use ‘does’ in making negative and interrogative sentences

Best Sentence:
Being a religious man, Ipul fucks five times a day.

(Hey, I didn’t even have red underline when typing this in my Word! Well, except for the word Ipul because he himself is a failure… to have bule face and ngapak tongue)

2. Simple Present Continuous

Subject + to be (am/is/are) + V-ing
- I am learning English in BHI English Club.

Subject + to be (am/is/are) + not + V-ing
- I am not learning English in BHI English Club.

To be (am/is/are) + subject + V-ing + ?
- Are you learning English in BHI English Club?

Verb Function:
* Stating the action that is still going on at the time the sentence uttered
- Shhh… Keep it down. Ipul is fucking.

* Exclamation of disturbance
- Yo, Ipul! Could you please turn down your noisy fucking down? I’m reading!

Best Sentence:
Bahtiar is milking his wife’s breast after making a bottle of milk for his baby.

- Banana (noun)
- Milk (verb, noun)
- Metrosexual (adjective)
- Amazing (adjective?)
- Cheer (verb)

Any questions? Ask me anything with your comments below! Oh, try to find the comment form yourself. It's here somewhere *evilgrins*

ps: there are these rules apply in my class: Turn your fuckin’ mobile off, do as I say, and feel free to ask me anything. I repeat, ANY thing!


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