Re: Soliloquy

Let me apologize to begin with. Let me apologize for what I’m about to say. But trying to be genuine is harder than it seems, and somehow I got caught up in between. Between my pride and my promise. Between my lies and how the truths get in the way. Things I want to say to you get lost before they come. The only thing that’s worse is one is done.
But here’s the thing: Abortion is sometimes necessary, sometimes not, but always sad. It is to the woman as war is to the man—a living sacrifice in a cause justified or not justified, as the observer may decide. It is the making of hard decisions—that this one must die that that one can live in honor and decency and comfort. Women have no leaders, of course; a woman’s conscience must be her General. There are no stirring songs that makes the task of killing easier, no victory marches and medals handed around afterwards, merely a sense of loss. And just as in wars there are ghouls, vampires, profiteers and grave-robbers as well as brave and noble men, so there are wicked men, as well as good, in abortion clinics.

So, I disconnected myself from the world and found another world, rediscovering the old, young me who was once absorbed and excited at every turn of the paper of the book (or every tap on the trackpad of a PDF file), succeeded in finishing an ancient 374-page of Fay Weldon’s The Hearts and Lives of Men along with Linkin Park’s Discography from which the above quotes are taken. The old wordwitch is sure far from disappointing. What she’d been through, especially by living under the same roof with three generations of females from her mother’s side, had made her work bitter yet femininely—and somewhat bitchily—amusing.

I was once disconnected from books—any form of books—long ago, not because I despised the brutal truth that lies beneath the words but merely to keep myself original, apart from any quotable phrases I read somewhere. But hey, there's nothing new under the sky. So, I gave it a try once again, plunging deep into the pool of alphabets and meaning and got lost happily, contendedly.

True, somehow it’s not finding a new land to understand the word “discovery”, but merely re-experiencing the old things. And the matters of abortion that I quoted was somehow gave me new perspective.

Therefore, read, mortals!


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