Yeah, Rite...

Eating, sleeping, working. Almost the same with life-cycle. Minus mating, of course. Just a self-satisfaction, if you insist on having the similar feeling of mating. In other words: playing with the most intimate body parts of yours. *winks with devilish grin*

This is ridiculous. Eating, sleeping, working. And I'm dying. You don't think it's possible, do you? But, well... that's the fact! Stupid but true. And THAT'S the saddest part of it!


endhoot said…

horeeeeeee........ pertamaaaaaaa!!!
vnuz said…
Just self-satisfaction??

Masih gag butuh seseorang pit???
human wannabe said…
bunda: hore jugaaaaaa!!!

maz bagas:
emang penting?
lea said…
nino said…

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