Ki, Njing!

Oke. Gwa terima. So, you've done some mistakes in your past life. Now you are a father of a pre-marital cute boy in an old, ripe age of twenty-something, and living with his mother. Under the same roof without ever having married, both of you. And I wonder wether you share the same bed and loneliness also.

But... Boy! It's damn way too fucking comfortable speaking with you. I'm afraid I might fall in a shitty hole called love, being with you. I play along like a pro...............


Bastard said…
Damn! kenapa mesti diatas tinta html sih? ehmmm, kita udah deal kan soal terima nasip? meskipun gak sesuai dengan keinginan gw buat bisa terus ngobrol ama lo? sorry... sorry... pada akhirnya semua harus kampret tunduk sama perintah nasip.. sekali lagi sorry.. bukan ingin gw.
Anonymous said…
welcome back to the jungle Pit :d
mbe said…
kudanil.cantik said…
just stumbled accross your blog. very nicely written. salam kenal ya...
human wannabe said…
bastard in black:
yea, rite. you know what? i was born rebelious. dunno about u (=

thx (=

aw, syat ap!

kudanil cantik:
hey! hope u dun spend too much time swallowing my garbage. sit back and enjoy the ride, then. thanx for dropping by, though (=
endhoot said…
*peyuk2 Pito*

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