The Fat Lady Finally Sings...

Finally. After a straight 32 days--with two days skipping and three to seven hours late at other ones--the show is over. Good bye, shit one. You are the place where all contradictions happening without any strength left in me to prevent it from happening--and get payment from such place--and all I have to do is sitting in front of a godamn computer and strolling around after I finish, seing how money been throwing away easily while other have to work only to gain one-tenth from what have been wasted. Watching have-nots people do as the haves people told them what to do for the sake of money. Yet, they race and competing each other about who are the best in licking the bosses' shoes. Showing off to be the prettiest, most handsome, shortest-skirted young girls.

Udah lah. Complain, complain, complain. I hang on all these times.


-peng said…
wah, si pito pasti habis baca chikililit neh. *nuduh* :P

yang itu lho... evil fat woman wears gucci.
human wannabe said…
om jin nih yang kebanyakan baca chicklit. ekke sih bacanya primbon jawa, enny arow, ama sakura comics. haha!

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