Recycle, Reborn, Relive

[U2 - Please]

I'm a phoenix. I'm going to get older, weaker, uglier, then got an internal combustion that burnt down all over my body till I become what I am before the creation: ashes. I will reborn and rebuild from such ashes. It gives me all the nourishment I need in the process. Like an embryo drinks fetal membrane in a safe and warm womb. In the end... voila! Meet the new me!

The cycle never stops. Until my time comes.

And I'm proud of being phoenix. Instead of burning, I sorrow. I ache, wounded, pulled up to the sky then fall flat on the face. I've got scars, bruises, even stitches and some broken ribs. But that's allright. I will survive, no matter what.

Because i've lived and will continue living. I've fooled, learned, laughed, loved, amazed and petrified by the beauty of the world. Such a waste to give it up while I can be in it one more time. That's why I decide to go on. To hold on another day.

I've met another phoenix and fascinated by their reason of going through the cycles again. A single mom with three kids, a blind boy with an extraordinary musical talent, some girls who stand tall with their idealisms against the maddening trends, men and women reaching high to the sky and achieve their dreams, and the list will be miles to mention.

I've been down, but I will stand up quickly with my head straight ahead and my chin up. Though it's a pile of shit that I stumble upon.

[In memoriam of all the 'September Victims' in all time... Be a phoenix! Find a reason to keep on living!]


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