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Posted by The Bitch on 11/28/2010 06:21:00 AM

Will You forgive me,

For the fire I see in a pair of those ever observing eyes, materializes in the speech as venomous as the Devil Himself yet a heart as gentle as the first dewdrop early in the morning?

For the same questions I hear, the ones I shouted to the sky but never got the answers except in each others'?

For the discreet desire, awkward smiles, and the zillionth times of those magic moments when our souls finally found themselves?

For the pain and sorrow we share in silence over a cup of coffee and a pack of cigarette because licking our wounds alone to heal was too much?

For the dusk through dawn in the blinding lights of the city, for the slightest, scrumptious, carnal instinct as old as the Mother Nature, for the sheer existence, for the speck of color in this black-and-white world, for the tousled hair, for his arching back, for the minds we never deep enough to dive, for the pimples in different coordinates, for the alert attitude with calmness like the darkest hour of the night?

Because You have my forgiveness if You can't forgive me for choosing him over You.

I am sorry. So fucking sorry.



  at: 3:32 PM, posted by Anonymous macangadungan said...

pit? lo gak apa2?

  at: 6:47 AM, posted by Blogger The Bitch said...

gapapa, le. biasa. melankolor. lagi kangeun. hihi.
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