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Posted by The Bitch on 3/21/2007 11:28:00 PM

To have one foot on the ground while the other is stepping on the cloud is one thing.

The other one is how to make it balance.

... and I try to enjoy every single minute of it...

[nggak percuma, Bro, lo ngehajar gwa sebulan penuh melalui telpon tanpa putus yang bikin otak, hati, jiwa, rasa dan raga jadi panas]

Dearest Emak...

Cepet sembuh yah dari sakit apapun itu.

Janji... nggak nakal lagi deh!

*crossing fingers*



  at: 12:17 AM, posted by Blogger mBu said...

semoga emak cepet sembuh..

  at: 5:55 PM, posted by Blogger human wannabe said...

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