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A Humble Gratitude

Posted by The Bitch on 1/06/2006 11:28:00 AM

Hey there. Just dunno what to think and to say. U've let me mblandhang all these times. Then suddenly U've sent two guardian angels in human form to look after me. Shocking.

Where have they been when I was bleed and wounded? Where did U sent them when I feel like drowning all alone, gasping for air, reached nothingness then 1,000-feet-from-the-ground freefalling with a hard touchdown and flatnosed?

Was I blind not to notice their existence? Was I closing down all of the senses, the most delicate one, that U've been blessed in all of U'r creations?

I dun speak Ur language, being all speechless, fucked up and such. But I know U're Forever Knowing, Seeing, Understanding... Loving.

Thanx for those Guardian Angels, anyway.

ps: duh, Gusti. Pengen nangis berember-ember rasanya... Kamu baik sekali sih!
(peluk-peluk Tuhan)


  at: 5:22 AM, posted by Anonymous vnuzday said...

Akhir-akhir ini kamu selalu ingat sama Tuhan.

hmm... pertanda yang sangat baik. :)

  at: 10:29 PM, posted by Blogger human wannabe said...

benarkah? semua hal punya dua sisi lho, maz nunuz (=
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